Introducing E-Launch

E-Launch is a protocol providing users with the possibility to create & launch their own token and initial token sale. No code och previous experience is required, simply navigate through our user-friendly platform and design your own token and token launch in just minutes.
E-Launch offers multiple other features to help you with the overall token launch, such as: helping with the listing of your token, locking your LP, creating airdrops, and the possibility to stake native $Elaunch tokens.

Why E-Launch?

At E-launch, our goal is to incentivize our customers to launch their projects with us by providing a secure and flexible platform at a minimal cost. Our metrics and utilities have been carefully designed to ensure that launching with us is a favorable choice when compared to other platforms.
What makes us different?
  • One of the key factors that set us apart is our commitment to offering the most competitive rates on the market. We take pride in offering the lowest creation fees available, ensuring that our clients can launch their projects with the minimal financial burden.
  • We are currently offering free KYC for the first 15 projects, with authorized KYC agents. This provides our clients with an added layer of security and transparency, helping to build trust with their investors.
  • Unlike many other launchpads, E-Launch does not take any percentage of your raised presale tokens. This means that there is no risk of major dumps on your project, and you can be confident that your hard work and investment will not be compromised.
  • We offer three staking pools, including one that provides additional benefits to our diamond holders. This allows our clients to tailor their staking strategy to their specific needs and goals, while also earning rewards for their investment.
  • Our platform also includes a free airdrop function, which can be used to distribute tokens to a wide range of users and promote wider adoption of your project.
  • Finally, we offer free liquidity and token lock services, providing an additional layer of security and stability for your project. These features help to ensure that your tokens remain safe and secure, while also providing a more attractive investment opportunity for potential investors.
Overall, our commitment to low fees, transparency, and security makes us the ideal choice for any project looking to launch on the blockchain.

Last modified 5mo ago